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What’s New for 2019

For canoe manufacturers, off season means R & D season. It’s when we hunker down and focus on ways we can improve our products and our customers experiences with them. Here are a couple new options we’re offering in 2019, to make those experiences great.

New! Aluminum Lite gunwales on Aramid Lite and Blue Steel canoes

We’ve been working hard this off season on improving the weights of our lightest canoe materials – Aramid Lite and Blue Steel – to make them even lighter for our customers out on the portage trail.

In 2019 we are introducing a gunwale system which will become the new standard on Aramid Lite and Blue Steel hulls. The new gunwales are made from the same durable and low maintenance anodized aluminum as our classic aluminum gunwales, but are slimmer in profile, shaving between 2 and 4lbs off each canoe. Because of the narrower profile on our new gunwales, the seats, yokes, thwarts and handles in Aramid Lite and Blue Steel canoes will be hung from the gunwales on metal brackets rather than wooden spacers (see photo above). If you prefer the traditional look and feel of wooden gunwales, you can always upgrade to our beautiful straight-grained white ash gunwales.

New! Colour Option

By popular demand, we’re re-introducing blue into our menu of colour options in 2019. This isn’t the first time Nova Craft Canoes have been available in blue – you may recall the powdery baby blue that was popular in the 1980’s or the Royalex royal blue – but our new blue is a little different, and closer to cobalt in hue. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Blue Canoe