Repair & Service

Nova Craft Canoe offers a wide variety of repair services out of our London, Ontario canoe factory for composite canoes made by any brand. From gelcoat repairs to more serious structural overhauls, our experienced team of repair staff excel at making your canoe water worthy. Services offered include:
  • Gelcoat repairs
  • Hull cracks and holes
  • Keel repairs
  • Skid plate installation
  • Whitewater outfitting
  • Parts replacement
  • Adding canoe seats
  • Gunwale replacement and retrims
  • General maintenance
Send us an email at [email protected] with images of your canoe for an estimate. Not in our neck of the woods? Give us (or your local authorized dealer) a call for a recommendation on reputable repair shops in your area.


Many canoe repairs can be done on your own at home. Take a look at these articles for information and instructions on how to tackle your own: For regular maintenance instructions, take a look at your Owner’s Manual

Parts & Supplies

For ideal results, purchase colour matched gelcoat and original parts for your Nova Craft Canoe directly from us or through your nearest authorized dealer. We offer OEM replacement parts and customized repair kits through our factory store, London’s Paddle Shop. Give us a call or contact us with your repair inquires.