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At Nova Craft Canoe, we have developed the ideal series of canoes for families leading an active lifestyle. When you want to spend quality time outdoors without worries of getting wet or capsizing, the Recreational Canadian canoe series is designed with your needs in mind. Our recreational series will assure new paddlers with less experience and grow with them as they develop their strokes. From solo fishing canoes to family cottage boats, these canoes are designed to provide safety, stability and comfort. Read More

Choosing the Right Size

Size is a key factor when choosing a family canoe. You need to have enough space for your kids and perhaps your dog, as well as all of the gear you’ll need for your trip. Keep in mind even a day trip calls for food and drink, as well as items such as extra clothes, towels, sunscreen and more. So, your goal is to find a canoe that will remain stable regardless of the load you carry while keeping everyone safe and comfortable. Smaller kids can sit safely on the floor, but you should also consider their needs as they grow. Optional centre seats can be added for extra seating in canoes that are 16 feet and longer. Length is not always the deciding factor when choosing a canoe as width offers more space in the hull. The Recreational canoe series offers the ideal family canoe, whether you are just out enjoying nature for the day or planning a weekend camping excursion.

Safe and Stable

If your primary interest is fishing, photography, or family paddling with children or pets you’ll want a canoe that is stable and reliable. Stability is determined by the hull’s width and shape. In most cases, canoes with flat bottoms have best initial stability. Canoes with rounder shapes will feel less stable initially, when entering and exiting the boat. A shallow arch shaped hull is a good compromise between the two. The canoes in our recreational series will grow your confidence on the water with the stability you need to feel safe and stay dry.

High Durability

Kids and pets can add to the wear and tear of your canoe, so durability is a major concern. You want a canoe that can stand up to scratches and scuffs and the odd collision that can slowly wear down your canoe. The Nova Craft Recreational canoe series is designed with families in mind. We offer our Recreational Series in highly durable materials including fibreglass, TuffStuff, TuffStuff Expedition, Aramid Lite and Blue Steel.

Why Choose Nova Craft Recreational Canoes?

As the name implies, the Nova Craft Recreational series is designed for recreational use. These canoes are all about comfort and safety. It is the ideal choice for paddlers who enjoy their weekend trips or want a canoe to tour the waters in cottage country. You’ll find the ideal capacity for your family and will feel safe in this highly stable canoe. It is beautifully crafted not only for stability and handling but also to reflect the lines of a classic Canadian canoe. This canoe is perfectly at home in the calm still waters of Northern Ontario, or on the slow-running rivers that families love to travel on lazy summer days. The Recreational canoe series offers:
  • Symmetrical hull
  • Flat and shallow arch hull shapes
  • Minimal rocker
It is available in several sizes including solo, lightweight two person canoes and sizes for the whole family:
  • FOX 14 canoe SOLO
  • MUSKOKA 15′ 10″
  • PAL 16'
  • TEDDY 12-'KIDS
Whether you want to paddle as a family or head out solo in your own canoe, the Recreational Series is sure to improve your time on the water.
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