Our Company


Nova Craft Canoe began in 1970, when we started producing a limited selection of fiberglass canoes in a small-scale, garage-based operation near London, Ontario, Canada. As the years passed and the reputation of our quality designs and workmanship quickly spread, the company naturally began to grow. As a result, we have steadily responded to customer requests for more model choices and material options. We are proud to say that we are now at a place where our model selection has progressed from a handful of specialized designs to a full catalogue with something to offer every paddler.

Today, we still build canoes with fiberglass but have also adopted more advanced composite materials including aramid, basalt/Innegra, and carbon fibre. We also offer plastic materials including a three-layer superlinear polyethylene. Alongside the use of these new materials came innovations in new manufacturing techniques including composite infusion, thermoplastic vacuum forming and rotational molding. With a comprehensive catalogue and ever increasing brand awareness, demand for our canoes has spread over a wider geographic area. To accomodate, we now have a dealer network that reaches throughout Canada, the United States and parts of Europe. The scope may have expanded since 1970 but our core focus remains simple - build quality canoes that give paddlers special experiences in the great outdoors. It’s all about making a connection to nature and wild places, be it solo or with friends and family.

See you on the water!

We sponsor select paddlers who spend more time on the water in a season than most will in their entire lives.