Our 4 Canoe Series: Prospector,
Recreational, Cruiser & Whitewater

As Canadian canoe builders, Nova Craft addresses the type of journey you are planning, the duration of your trip, and the type of water you’ll encounter. As a result, we’ve zeroed in on four types of canoes appealing to the most common needs of paddlers. Read More

Prospector for Expeditions

If you are looking to unplug and disappear into nature for the weekend or more of canoe tripping, our Prospector series is for you. Our Prospector canoes are designed to meet the demands of the backcountry based on the perfection and versatility of the original Chestnut Prospector. Whether you’ll be on flat or moving water the Prospector can handle it all. It is a deep, beamy canoe with tons of reserve capacity while offering easy handling when travelling in big water.

Moderately rockered to remain responsive while providing the extra gear space you’ll need for longer trips. Their superior, trusted seaworthiness provides confidence when you head out to remote areas through a mix of lakes and rivers. This series is offered in all of our materials from rugged plastic for paddling shallow rocky rivers, to carbon and aramid options for trips that require portaging between interior lakes. This series of canoes includes:

  • PROSPECTOR 15 foot canoe: Great handling in a small canoe.
  • PROSPECTOR 16 foot canoe: The workhorse of the Canadian north.
  • PROSPECTOR 17 foot canoe: The ultimate wilderness extended tripping canoe.
  • PROSPECTOR 18 foot canoe: Expedition-style adventures or a large family trip.

Common Characteristics:

  • Symmetrical Hull
  • Shallow Arch Bottom
  • Moderate Rocker

Recreational Series for Quiet Water Tours

Day or weekend tripping on quiet waters and lazy rivers calls for a canoe that is easy to manage and offers excellent tracking. Your trips might be shorter but will still take you to a variety of lakes and rivers. The Recreational canoe series is the ideal solution for the casual paddler whether you are going solo or are a family out for the day. Primary stability is a core feature of the category, so no matter your skill level you’ll feel safe and at ease on the water.

This series of canoes in Canada includes:

  • FOX 14’ SOLO: For adventurous solo paddlers.
  • MUSKOKA 15′ 10″: The perfect cottage canoe.
  • BOB SPECIAL 15': A canoe that novice paddlers will enjoy and experts can savour.
  • PAL 16' canoe: Ideal companion for flatwater trips
  • TRAPPER 12’ SOLO: Stable fishing platform with the benefits of a small and light craft.
  • TEDDY 12’ KIDS: Stable, easy to use canoe keeps kids safe on the water.

Common Characteristics:

  • Symmetrical Hull
  • Shallow Arch Bottom
  • Slight rocker

Cruiser Series for Efficiency on Flatwater

This canoe series is designed for speed and reliability whether you are an experienced paddler or novice. Our Cruiser canoes will perform well regardless of travelling with a full load or travelling light. Their lower profile ensures you experience less drag adding to its efficiency even when faced with winds on open water. The unparallelled tracking ability of the Cruiser series will allow you to reach your destinations in record time with less corrective strokes. This series of canoes includes:

CRONJE 17′: Covering longer distances efficiently

  • Symmetrical Hull
  • Shallow Arch Bottom
  • Slight Rocker
  • Fast Entry Lines

HAIDA 17’: Stable and efficient family canoe

  • Asymmetrical Hull
  • Flat Bottom
  • Straight keel with raised ends
  • Shoe keel

Whitewater Series for Serious Rapids

Hit the rapids with peace of mind in our Whitewater Series. Featuring deeper hulls to keep your run dry and more rocker for responsive performance when you need it most. Our whitewater canoes are made for high adrenaline paddling allowing you to surf, side, slip and ferry with ease. Available only in TuffStuff Expedition, our most durable proprietary composite material. This series of canoes includes:

  • SUPERNOVA 14′ 10″: Experienced paddlers who enjoy messing around in rapids.
  • MOISIE 16′ 6″: Tackle whitewater with big waves and deep holes.

Common Characteristics

  • Symmetrical Hull
  • Deeper hulls Moderate to Pronounced Rocker

Nova Craft offers different canoe materials to meet every trip and paddlers needs.

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