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When you want to dominate the most challenging technical whitewater stretches, the Nova Craft Whitewater series offers maneuverability to avoid obstacles masterfully and come out on the other side (dry) with your ego intact. Read More

Canoes for thrill seekers

Our Whitewater Canoe Series is designed to perform, offering a bigger rocker for improved responsiveness. You choose one or two paddler capacities and discover the beauty of a true whitewater canoe designed for comfort and control. You can artfully tackle big waves and deep holes while enjoying the adrenaline rush of the unknown at unparalleled speed.

Why Rocker is Important for Whitewater

Rocker is the term used for how much the hull curves from bow to stern. While you want a conservative amount of rocker for lake and touring canoes, when it comes to whitewater rivers, you need dependable maneuverability, so moderate to pronounced rocker is a must.

The Nova Craft Supernova

If you’re after solo river adventures, the Supernova makes a dependable whitewater canoe companion. Its deeper hull design will keep you dry, while moderate rocker and arched hull allows you to surf those waves with little effort - you’ll also appreciate how well it handles on flat waters. Portaging to the put-in? Lightweight canoes are easier to lift, load and unload alone. Our Whitewater canoes are built in TuffStuff Expedition, a proprietary material that is significantly lighter than plastic without sacrificing impact resistance. See what it can do here: (link to Youtube channel). The Supernova is a great choice of canoe for experienced paddlers who live to ride the rapids but also appreciate the calm and serenity of a quiet paddle.


  • Length: 14’10”/ 452cm
  • Width: 32″ / 81.3cm
  • Center Depth: 15” / 38.1cm
  • End Depth: 23″ / 58.4cm
  • Rocker: 2.5″ / 6.4cm
  • Capacity: 850lb / 386kg


  • Symmetrical Hull
  • Shallow Arch Bottom
  • Moderate Rocker

The Nova Craft Moisie

Named after Canada’s wildest river, the Moisie is all about tackling whitewater, big waves, and deep holes. This lightweight two-person canoe features a symmetrical shape, deep hull, large volume ends and 4” of rocker that won’t let you down when maneuvering through the rapids. Its 34” wide hull provides the speed you need on the flat sections and allows you to quickly adapt as the waters get fast and rough. This is the canoe for long expeditions thanks to its extra carrying capacity. You and a pal can surf, side, slip and ferry with skill in this tandem whitewater canoe. This canoe is suited for expeditions and weekend fun if your goal is to hit the wild whitewater and master the waves and rapids with ease. The Moisie 16-foot canoe offers:


  • Length: 16’6” / 506cm
  • Width: 34″ / 86.4cm
  • Center Depth: 15” / 38.1cm
  • End Depth: 26″ / 66cm
  • Rocker: 4″ / 10.2cm
  • Capacity: 1100lb / 499kg


  • Symmetrical Hull
  • Shallow Arch Bottom
  • Pronounced Rocker
True to the classic designs of whitewater ultralight canoes with a proven track record for exceptional handling, the Supernova and Moisie are the best dance partners an adrenaline, rapid-loving paddler could ask for.
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