Composite Canoe Repair

How to: Repair Composite Hulls

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Despite your best efforts to avoid accidents, errors in loading, carrying or paddling your composite canoe can incur damage to the hull of the boat. Being in the canoe business for over 45 years, we’ve pretty much seen it all: from people who have lost canoes off of the roof of their vehicle, to paddlers who have made bad judgement calls in whitewater, forklift nightmares in shipping, etc.


ost of the time, the damage incurred to composite boats is repairable – and easily repairable at that. This is one of their greatest advantages over their plastic counterparts.

If you do crack your canoe, the repair method we recommend is to apply a layered patch to the interior of the hull first, and perform a gelcoat repair to the exterior afterwards.

In the video below, we show you how to patch repair composite hull cracks. You can purchase a Composite Hull Repair Kit through your local Nova Craft dealer or by calling us at 866 88 CANOE.