Prospector 14 Solo FAQ


ince launching our newest model the Prospector 14 Solo about a month ago we’ve been fielding some great questions from you all. Here are a few of your P14 FAQ answered!

How does this model compare to other solo models in your line? 

The rest of our solo models have fairly niche applications: the Trapper in our Recreational Series is ideally used as a stable platform for fishing on small waterways, the Fox in our Cruiser Series is ideally used as a flat water cruiser model for lake crossings, and the Supernova in our Whitewater Series excels as a river tripper. On the other hand the Prospector 14 is intended as a more versatile solo craft that can handle trips with mixed conditions well.  In this way it lives up to the reputation of the Prospector as a swiss army knife or “jack of all trades master of none” type model.

How stable is it?

This is a tricky question! Whether a canoe is “tippy” or not can be highly subjective. Factors such as paddler size,  paddling experience, what you’re used to paddling and the weight distribution or “trim” can all impact how stable a canoe feels. The Prospector 14 is a scaled down version of our tandem Prospectors, and is accordingly narrower at the beam. If you’re used to paddling a tandem Prospector, you’ll notice a difference in the initial stability of the Prospector 14, but the secondary stability of this model is reassuring. In comparison to other solo models in our line, the Prospector 14 is considered to be less stable than the Trapper, but slightly more stable than the Fox or Supernova.

How much does it weigh? 

The weight of the Prospector 14 Solo depends entirely on the material and options selected. We offer the Prospector 14 Solo in our full range of composite materials (listed below). Adding options like skid plates, a removeable yoke, or ash trim will add to the base weights that are listed below. Keep in mind that the weights listed on our website is based on a production average and can vary.

Fiberglass 52 lbs.
TuffStuff  44 lbs.
TuffStuff Expedition 47 lbs.
Aramid Lite  35 lbs.
Blue Steel  37 lbs.

Is the seat adjustable? 

We do not offer adjustable seats but can accommodate requests for custom seat placement in special orders. The seat can be ordered hung flat to suit paddlers who prefer to sit upright when paddling, or hung angled downwards to suit paddlers who prefer to kneel.

Can it be paddled tandem? 

No, all of our solo canoes are recommended for solo use. We do not advise putting two adult paddlers in this canoe.

Can it be paddled with a double bladed paddle? 

Sure! Just make sure you’re using an extra-long double bladed paddle, most recreational kayak paddles will be considered too short for use in a canoe.

What’s the deal with the removable yoke? 

Because the seat in this canoe is located close to the center of the boat, paddling the canoe with a yoke permanently installed at the balance point isn’t really feasible. We’re offering a removable yoke system as an option for our solo canoes that allows you to use the yoke when needed, and remove it while paddling. The hardware on the removable yoke system consists of four steel brackets and a cotter pin that connects them. Here’s a top view of the Prospector 14 Solo with the removable yoke installed:

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