Nova Craft Acquires AJK

W e are excited to announce that, as of June 2022, Nova Craft Canoe has acquired AJK, our supplier of wooden canoe parts, from its previous owner and operator Andy Keniston. Andy started AJK in 1997 and ran the business in the GTA for 25 years after beginning his carpentry career building cabinetry and custom […]

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Hunter and Harris paddles with a Nova Craft Canoe
Gunwale maintenance

How to: Maintain the Wood Gunwales on your Canoe

Let’s talk about wood! W e offer an ash gunwale upgrade option on any of our composite hulls. There are many benefits to upgrading, and one downside which tends to turn some off: maintenance. Our ash gunwales are finished with oil, rather than varnish. Why? Oil allows for moisture to evaporate easily from the wood. […]

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Gunwale 101

Shopping for a canoe often involves more than people expect. Between choosing a model, material, trim and colour, the experience can feel overwhelming to some. Because most people want to invest in one canoe that will last them a lifetime, they want to be sure that they’re getting it right the first time. This blog entry […]

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