Outfitting your Canoe for Fishing

Outfitting your Canoe for Fishing

Paddling season’s here (finally)!


ith the May long weekend around the corner we know lots of you are gearing up for your first trips of the year. Fishing is considered an essential skill for the backcountry canoe tripper – or at least a very handy one. But fishing from shore can be pretty limiting. With a few tweaks you can easily adapt your canoe to fish from – no permanent hull modifications necessary!

We talked to Teddy Cosco of Cast & Iron about the gear he relies on for a day of fly fishing from his Nova Craft Canoe. Born and raised in Northwestern Canada, Teddy’s an avid outdoorsman, fly fisherman and impressive campfire cook. Take a look at some of his drool-worthy cast iron creations here.

We’d definitely trust him to secure dinner at camp. Watch how he gets it done here and take a look at his gear recommendations below.


“What I love about my Prospector is that it’s stable enough to be able to cast from without tipping too far to one side. And of course it’s light enough to carry on my own.”


Teddy’s canoe fishing gear guide: Fishing-Outfitting

  • Nova Craft Canoe Prospector 15 in Fiberglass
  • Salus Angler PFD – the fleece handwarmers are a
    big bonus on chilly mornings
  • 2 x paddles
  • 2 x 8lb pyramid anchors
  • 2x 40ft anchorline
  • 2x anchorlocks – these mount easily on end decks
  • Throwbag
  • Gunnel clamp mounted fly fishing rodholder
  • Fishing net
  • 6wt fly rod
  • Reel
  • Selection of stillwater flies – I like leech patterns in a
    variety of sizes and colors
  • Sinking fly line