Angler 15′

Coming early Summer 2024

Back from the archives for 2024! If stability is what you’re after in a canoe, the Angler is your ideal choice. The Angler has a wide flat bottom that is carried well into the ends. This makes it perfect for such pursuits as fly fishing, nature photography, or just lazing around the lake. The ample tumblehome on the sides makes it very easy to paddle and the straight keel provides easy tracking.  Anyone looking for a safe, secure ride will love this canoe!



Fiberglass 62 lbs.
TuffStuff 55 lbs.
TuffStuff Expedition 59 lbs.
Aramid Lite 44 lbs.
Blue Steel 46 lbs.

Weights are based on year-long production averages and may vary.

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Length: 15’ / 457cm
Width: 33″ at gunnel, 37″ at waterline / 84,94cm
Center Depth: 13″ / 33cm
End Depth: 19″ / 48cm
Rocker: minimal
Capacity: 850lb / 385kg

• Symmetrical Hull
• Tumblehome
• Flat Bottom
• Straight Keel

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