Prospector 16′ SP3

Our SP3 canoe models have the same performance characteristics as our famous Prospector models, but are made from a tough 3 layer polyethylene plastic called SP3 that withstands hard knocks and extensive use. Because the material is nearly indestructible, it makes them attractive to owners who plan to subject them to hard use with little maintenance. While SP3 canoes are our heaviest boats, they are also the most affordable canoes we produce. These canoes are ideal for canoe liveries and rental shops since they will give many years of faithful service at an attractive price. For a family looking for a canoe they can leave knocking around at the cottage, they’ll have a canoe that should last a lifetime.

Our Prospector 16’ SP3 feels most at home loaded with gear on a remote wilderness lake or river. While it is best suited for river tripping, it remains versatile enough to be a good all round canoe. With experience, the self-righting aspects of the shallow arch hull will become apparent and confidence levels will soar. What’s more, it provides a very dry ride in big waves and whitewater. It is simply the best all round wilderness tripping canoe available.

Made in Canada.


SP3: 94lb / 42.6kg
Weights are based on year-long production averages and may vary.

Length: 15′ 4” / 476cm
Width: 36″ / 91.4cm
Center Depth: 14.5″ / 35.6cm
End Depth: 23″ / 58.4cm
Rocker: 3″ / 7.6cm
Capacity: 900lb / 408kg

· Symmetrical Hull
· Shallow Arch Bottom
· Moderate Rocker

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“I can’t tell you how happy I am with this canoe. It has taken me through thick and thin. It’s the most reliable of all of my outdoor equipment. It’s seen countless trout, many canoe trips and limits of ducks. It’s because of its quality that I spend so much time In it. Just wanted to say how pleased I am with your product, and what it has done for me and my outdoor lifestyle.” – Tommy Ray Biers

“The recent addition of the Outfitter Prospector Canoes to our boat rental fleet have been a customer favorite. The canoes are very well built, durable, and comfortable to paddle in. They also handle much nicer than our old aluminum ones. These are definitely preferred a great deal by our customers – so much so that we ended up buying more!”
– Boat Center Supervisor at Seneca Creek State Park (MD)

“I had bought this canoe a few years back based on 2 factors, my budget and it’s reviews for toughness.
I am here to tell you this canoe is as tough as they get. My son and I took the SP3 canoe for an elk hunt down a well known mountain river. After a successful hunt this canoe made it through 36 hours of large boulders, being dragged around rapids, through rapids and everything the wild outdoors could throw at us.
Miles away from the civilization and 200 km of unknown river in wild grizzly country, this canoe was our lifeline to get us home safe. After many hits, bumps and scratches we made it home safe with not a single leak in the boat. If this boat is this tough, I can’t wait to get into a TuffStuff Expedition when the budget allows. Great canoe, highly recommend to anyone looking for an adventure on a budget.
5 stars all the way.” – Jason Jubb