Buyer's Guide
Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Nova Craft Canoe

Our Options
Trim Systems

We offer a number of options to upgrade and customize your canoe. Weight specifications for our canoes are based on yearly production averages of boats with standard trim packages. Adding options to your canoe will alter its overall weight.

Skid plates provide extra protection against impact and abrasion to the parts of the hull that tend to need it most. Ours are made from felted Aramid installed along the bow and stern stems of the canoe using a specialized resin adhesive and are tinted to match the gelcoat of your composite hull. Not available on SP3 hulls.
Our webbed seats are included in the standard trim package of our Outfitter Series canoes and can be requested as an option on any composite canoe at no extra cost. Sturdy and comfortable. Slightly heavier than our Ash Bootlace seat.
If you intend to travel in your canoe frequently with more than two paddlers, adding a center seat is a good call. Ours are installed a few inches ahead of the yoke. To accommodate portaging we simply reverse the yoke to face stern (shown). Centre seats are available webbed (shown) or bootlaced.
Do you plan on portaging a lot? Having a comfortable yoke can make a world of difference. Upgrade to Deluxe from Standard or from Deluxe to Deep Dish.
All of our fibreglass canoes have a shoe keel. It is also offered as an option on select models in composite materials. A keel runs along the centre line of the exterior of the hull, protruding into the water. Nova Craft’s shoe keel is quite slight, protruding about half an inch from the hull. A keel may be desirable on canoes that will be used primarily in flat water scenarios, as it lends improved tracking ability to the hull. Keels should be avoided on canoes that will be used primarily in shallow, rocky rivers, since keels can get caught up between rocks and damaged. The hull construction method used to ensure the structural integrity of the canoe will vary depending on whether the canoe is keeled or not: our keeled canoes have ribs on the interior, whereas no-keel versions have a diamond foam core in place of ribs. Owing to this structural feature, canoes without keels are 2-3 lbs heavier than canoes with keels. Refer to the specification chart to determine whether the model you’re interested in is available with a shoe keel.
A handy option for paddlers who intend to solo paddle regularly in their tandem canoe. Kneeling thwarts are installed in between the stern seat and the yoke of the canoe. The object of the kneeling thwart is to move the paddler’s weight towards the center of the boat to facilitate easier and more efficient solo paddling. The same effect can be achieved in symmetrically hulled canoes by paddling from the bow seat facing towards the stern of the boat. In asymmetrical models kneeling thwarts are the way to go.
Paddling while kneeling lowers one’s center of gravity, improving stability in rough conditions. Do your knees a favour and add some cushioned pads. Made from high density closed cell foam and installed using quality marine adhesive.
Select one colour of gelcoat for above the waterline, and one for below the waterline. Most people opt for a lighter colour below the waterline of the boat in order to conceal surface scratches from wear and tear. Common combinations are Red above, Desert white below (very Canadian) or Olive Green above and Sand below.

When you want to stand out from the crowd at the lake or a boat to match your favourite paddling jacket.

Contact us to discuss options for custom colour and design.

An essential for the hardcore canoe expeditionist or anyone who trips in big water. Spray decks help keep you safe, dry and upright whether you are crossing a lake in whitecaps or embarking on a whitewater river adventure. We work with North Water to offer the highest quality custom spray decks on the market.
Installation is available upon request.